Introductory Guide to Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are used by casinos to attract clients, motivate them, and advance their enjoyment when playing different games. New clients and even veterans need to understand all there is to know about these bonuses in order to make the most out of them for greater enjoyment. Here are the most popular categories of online casino bonuses.

Sign-up bonus

These bonuses are offered by casinos and are meant to encourage new gamers to join. What these casinos do is that they provide free money to clients depositing for the first time to increase the amount they can spend in gaming. Though you can use the additional sign-up bonus to increase your deposits, in most casinos you are not allowed to withdraw it. Others have a play through requirement for this free money before it can be withdrawn. Many online casinos announce sign up bonuses frequently to attract new members and increase their returns.

No deposit bonuses

If you do not want to risk any of your hard earned cash, some casinos offer their clients free cash that enables you to play games within the casino mainly for trying out the interface. These bonuses are smaller compared to sign-up bonuses, but are a perfect way to begin playing in an online casino. The bonus is however designed to be introductory to give you a taste of what to expect. Once this bonus is used up, you will be required to top up your gaming account to continue playing in the casino.

Free play bonuses

Free play bonuses offered by casinos give you some set amounts to play in the casinos. It could be an hour or two as you try to win as much as you can in the casino. After the additional time is over, the amount you will have won goes to your gaming account. You can use it for other games or withdraw it for other uses. It is a great method of trying new games and enjoying gambling without worrying much about loosing cash. Like the no-deposit bonuses, these ones are mainly used for attracting new members. To enjoy any type of bonus, it is important that you understand it fully as well as all the underlying terms and conditions. This will optimize your enjoyment and reduce the chances of getting disappointed.

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